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ISSN 1980-0436


Volume XVIII

Convergence of the Fleming-Viot process toward
the minimal quasi-stationary distribution

Nicolas Champagnat & Denis Villemonais
pages 1-15

General Contact Process with Rapid Stirring
Leonid Mytnik & Segev Shlomov
pages 17-33

Noncommutative analogues of the Law of Small
Numbers for random variables indexed by elements
of positive symmetric cones

Lahcen Oussi & Janusz Wysoczański
pages 35-67

Continuity of Zero-Hitting Times of Bessel Processes
and Welding Homeomorphisms of SLE_k

Dmitry Beliaev, Vlad Margarint & Atul Shekhar
pages 69-79

Cross-multiplicative coalescent processes
and applications

Yevgeniy Kovchegov, Peter T. Otto & Anatoly Yambartsev
pages 81-106

Hydrodynamic limit for a diffusive system
with boundary conditions

Stefano Marchesani
pages 107-127

Non universality of fluctuations of outlier
eigenvectors for block diagonal deformations
of Wigner matrices

Mireille Capitaine & Catherine Donati-Martin
pages 129-165

Simulations for Karlin random fields
Zuopeng Fu & Yizao Wang
pages 167-192

A stochastic Gronwall lemma and well-posedness of
path-dependent SDEs driven by martingale noise

Sima Mehri & Michael Scheutzow
pages 193-209

On the Passage Time Geometry of the
Last Passage Percolation Problem

Tom Alberts & Eric Cator
pages 211-247

Moderate Deviation estimates for Nodal Lengths
of Random Spherical Harmonics

Claudio Macci, Maurizia Rossi & Anna Paola Todino
pages 249-263

Percolation for the Finitary Random interlacements
of Random Spherical Harmonics

Eviatar B. Procaccia, Jiayan Ye & Yuan Zhang
pages 265-287

Critical parameters for loop
and Bernoulli percolation

Peter Mühlbacher
pages 289-308

Differentiability of semigroups of stochastic
differential equations with Hölder-continuous
diffusion coefficients

Martin Hutzenthaler & Daniel Pieper
pages 309-324

The partial duplication random graph
with edge deletion

Felix Hermann & Peter Pfaffelhuber
pages 325-347

Counting excursions: symmetries, knock-ins and
non-linear formula for Itô-McKean diffusions

Maciej Wiśniewolski
pages 349-377

On 3-dimensional Berry’s model
Federico Dalmao, Anne Estrade & José R. León
pages 379-399

Mixing properties of integer-valued
GARCH processes

Paul Doukhan, Naushad Mamode Khan & Michael H. Neumann
pages 401-420

Quasi-Stationary Distributions for the Voter Model
on Complete Bipartite Graphs

Iddo Ben-Ari, Hugo Panzo, Philip Speegle & R. Oliver VandenBerg
pages 421-437

Rhythmic behavior of an Ising Model
with dissipation at low temperature

Raphaël Cerf, Paolo Dai Pra, Marco Formentin & Daniele Tovazzi
pages 439-467

Emergence of homogamy in a two-loci
stochastic population model

Camille Coron, Manon Costa, Fabien Laroche,
Hélène Leman & Charline Smadi

pages 469-508

Asymptotic Word Length of Random Walks
on HNN Extensions

Lorenz A. Gilch
pages 509-545

The Effect of Recombination
on the Speed of Evolution

Nantawat Udomchatpitak
pages 547-616

A Doob-Meyer decomposition under model
ambiguity: the case of compactness

Erick Treviño-Aguilar
pages 617-634

Branching Processes - A General Concept
Andreas Greven, Thomas Rippl & Patrick Glöede
pages 635-706

Phase transitions for degenerate
random environments

Mark Holmes & Thomas S. Salisbury
pages 707-725

Hitting probabilities for Lévy processes
on the real line

Tomasz Grzywny, Łukasz Leżaj & Maciej Miśta
pages 727-760

BSDEs with jumps and two completely separated
irregular barriers in a general filtration

Mohamed Marzougue & Mohamed El Otmani
pages 761-792

Limit theorems for U-statistics of Bernoulli data
Davide Giraudo
pages 793-828

On the speed of distance-stationary sequences
Matías Carrasco, Pablo Lessa & Elliot Paquette
pages 829-854

Modified log-Sobolev inequalities and
two-level concentration

Holger Sambale & Arthur Sinulis
pages 855-885

Rényi entropy and pattern matching for run-length
encoded sequences

Jérôme Rousseau
pages 887-905

Spatial averages for the parabolic Anderson model
driven by rough noise

David Nualart, Xiaoming Song & Guangqu Zheng
pages 907-943

Ballistic random walks in random environment as
rough paths: convergence and area anomaly

Olga Lopusanschi & Tal Orenshtein
pages 945-962

Ergodicity of the KPZ Fixed Point
Leandro P. R. Pimentel
pages 963-983

Total variation cutoff for the flip-transpose top
with random shuffle

Subhajit Ghosh
pages 985-1006

On the affine recursion on Rd+ in the critical case
Sara Brofferio, Marc Peigné & Thi Da Cam Pham
pages 1007-1028