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ISSN 1980-0436


Volume XVIII

Convergence of the Fleming-Viot process toward
the minimal quasi-stationary distribution

Nicolas Champagnat & Denis Villemonais
pages 1-15

General Contact Process with Rapid Stirring
Leonid Mytnik & Segev Shlomov
pages 17-33

Noncommutative analogues of the Law of Small
Numbers for random variables indexed by elements
of positive symmetric cones

Lahcen Oussi & Janusz Wysoczański
pages 35-67

Continuity of Zero-Hitting Times of Bessel Processes
and Welding Homeomorphisms of SLE_k

Dmitry Beliaev, Vlad Margarint & Atul Shekhar
pages 69-79

Cross-multiplicative coalescent processes
and applications

Yevgeniy Kovchegov, Peter T. Otto & Anatoly Yambartsev
pages 81-106

Hydrodynamic limit for a diffusive system
with boundary conditions

Stefano Marchesani
pages 107-127

Non universality of fluctuations of outlier
eigenvectors for block diagonal deformations
of Wigner matrices

Mireille Capitaine & Catherine Donati-Martin
pages 129-165

Simulations for Karlin random fields
Zuopeng Fu & Yizao Wang
pages 167-192

A stochastic Gronwall lemma and well-posedness of
path-dependent SDEs driven by martingale noise

Sima Mehri & Michael Scheutzow
pages 193-209

On the Passage Time Geometry of the
Last Passage Percolation Problem

Tom Alberts & Eric Cator
pages 211-247

Moderate Deviation estimates for Nodal Lengths
of Random Spherical Harmonics

Claudio Macci, Maurizia Rossi & Anna Paola Todino
pages 249-263

Percolation for the Finitary Random interlacements
of Random Spherical Harmonics

Eviatar B. Procaccia, Jiayan Ye & Yuan Zhang
pages 265-287