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ISSN 1980-0436


Volume XVII

A weak overdamped limit theorem
for Langevin processes

Mathias Rousset, Yushun Xu & Pierre-André Zitt
pages 1-21

Dynamical coupling between
Ising and FK percolation

Raphaël Cerf & Sana Louhichi
pages 23-49

Local limits of spatial Gibbs random graphs
Eric O. Endo & Daniel Valesin
pages 51-63

On a limiting point process related to
modified permutation matrices

Valentin Bahier
pages 65-99

Optimal Gamma Approximation on Wiener Space
Ehsan Azmoodeh, Peter Eichelsbacher & Lukas Knichel
pages 101-132

Multiscale functional inequalities in probability:
Concentration properties

Mitia Duerinckx & Antoine Gloria
pages 133-157

The Contact Process on Random Graphs
and Galton Watson Trees

Xiangying Huang & Rick Durrett
pages 159-182

Delayed and rushed motions through time change
Raffaela Capitanelli & Mirko D’Ovidio
pages 183-204

Existence of the anchored isoperimetric profile
in supercritical bond percolation in dimension
two and higher

Barbara Dembin
pages 205-252

Conditional expectations through Boolean cumulants
and subordination -- towards a better understanding of
the Lukacs property in free probability

Kamil Szpojankowski & Jacek Wesołowski
pages 253-272

Signal-to-interference ratio percolation
for Cox point processes

András Tóbiás
pages 273-308

Distribution-Free, Size Adaptive Submatrix
Detection with Acceleration

Yuchao Liu & Jiaqi Guo
pages 309-327

Anisotropic Gaussian wave models
Anne Estrade & Julie Fournier
pages 329-353

Some remarks on associated random fields,
random measures and point processes

Günter Last, Ryszard Szekli & Dhandapani Yogeshwaran
pages 355-374

A reversible allelic partition process
and Pitman sampling formula

Matteo Giordano, Pierpaolo De Blasi & Matteo Ruggiero
pages 375-388

Adaptive recursive kernel conditional density
estimators under censoring data

Yousri Slaoui & Salah Khardani
pages 389-417

Hermite density deconvolution
Ousmane Sacko
pages 419-443

Entropic curvature and convergence to equilibrium
for mean-field dynamics on discrete spaces

Matthias Erbar, Max Fathi & André Schlichting
pages 445-471

Localisation in a growth model with interaction.
Arbitrary graphs

Mikhail Menshikov & Vadim Shcherbakov
pages 473-489

Kinetic walks for sampling
Pierre Monmarché
pages 491-530

Anisotropic oriented percolation in high dimensions
Pablo Almeida Gomes, Alan Pereira & Rémy Sanchis
pages 531-543

On Nonlinear Rough Paths
David Nualart & Panqiu Xia
pages 545-587

F-KPP Scaling limit and selection principle
for a Brunet-Derrida type particle system

Pablo Groisman, Matthieu Jonckheere & Julián Martínez
pages 589-607

Differentiability of the speed of biased random walks
on Galton-Watson trees

Adam Bowditch & Yuki Tokushige
pages 609-642


Number 2

On the anisotropic stable JCIR process
Martin Friesen & Peng Jin
pages 643-674

Poisson and Gaussian fluctuations for the
components of the f -vector of high-dimensional
random simplicial complexes

Jens Grygierek
pages 675-709

Large deviations for local mass
of branching Brownian motion

Mehmet Öz
pages 711-731

Darling–Erdős theorem for Lévy processes at zero
Péter Kevei & David M. Mason
pages 733-757

A CLT for the total energy of the
two-dimensional critical Ising model

Jianping Jiang
pages 759-773

Finding a planted clique by adaptive probing
Miklós Z. Rácz & Benjamin Schiffer
pages 775-790

Hydrodynamics for SSEP with non-reversible slow
boundary dynamics: Part II, below the critical regime

C. Erignoux, P. Gonçalves & G. Nahum
pages 791-823

Two limit theorems for the high-dimensional
two-stage contact process

Xiaofeng Xue
pages 825-855

High-dimensional sample covariance matrices
with Curie-Weiss entries

Michael Fleermann & Johannes Heiny
pages 857-876

Critical branching processes in random environment
and Cauchy domain of attraction

C. Dong, C. Smadi & V. A. Vatutin
pages 877-900

Analytic-geometric methods for finite Markov chains
with applications to quasi-stationarity

P. Diaconis, K. Houston-Edwards & L. Saloff-Coste
pages 901-991

Transience and Recurrence of Markov Processes
with Constrained Local Time

Adam Barker
pages 993-1045