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ISSN 1980-0436


volume XI

Large deviations for random walks in a
random environment on a strip
Jonathon Peterson
pages: 1-41

Renormalisation of hierarchically interacting Cannings processes
A. Greven, F. den Hollander, S. Kliem & A. Klimovsky
pages: 43-140

On hitting probabilities of beta coalescents and absorption
times of coalescents that come down from infinity

Martin Möhle
pages: 141-159

The record method for two and three dimensional
parameters random fields

Jean-Marc Azaïs & Viet-Hung Pham
pages: 161-183

A permuted random walk exits faster
Richard Pymar & Perla Sousi
pages: 185-195

Some new aspects for the random coupon collector’s problem
Aristides V. Doumas & Vassilis G. Papanicolaou
pages: 197-208

Stochastic Ordering of Infinite Binomial
Galton-Watson Trees
Erik I. Broman
pages: 209–227

Singularity of Nearcritical Percolation Exploration Paths

Simon Aumann
pages: 229–252

Constructing Stieltjes classes for M-indeterminate
absolutely continuous probability distributions
Sofiya Ostrovska
pages: 253–258

Kernel density estimation for stationary random fields
Mohamed El Machkouri
pages: 259-279

Percolation in a multiscale Boolean model
Jean-Baptiste Gouéré
pages: 281–297

An explicit formula for the heat kernel of a
left invariant operator
Roman Urban
pages: 299–306

Product-form invariant measures for Brownian motion
with drift satisfying a skew-symmetry type condition

Neil O’Connell & Janosch Ortmann
pages: 307-329

Limit theory for bivariate extreme generalized
order statistics and dual generalized order statistics
H.M. Barakat, E.M. Nigm & M.A. Abd Elgawad
pages: 331–340

On the range of random walk on graphs
satisfying a uniform condition

Kazuki Okamura
pages: 341–357

Estimation for Stochastic Damping Hamiltonian
Systems under partial observation:
II. Drift term

P. Cattiaux, J. León & C. Prieur
pages: 359–384

The contact process on finite
homogeneous trees revisited

M. Cranston, T. Mountford,
J-C. Mourrat & D. Valesin

pages: 385–408

The Deffuant model on ℤ with higher-dimensional
opinion spaces

Timo Hirscher
pages: 409-444

Bounds for left and right window cutoffs
Javiera Barrera & Bernard Ycart
pages: 445–458

Minimum correlation for any bivariate
Geometric distribution

Mark Huber & Nevena Marić
pages: 459–470

Stretched IDLA
Noam Berger, Jacob J. Kagan & Eviatar B. Procaccia
pages: 471–481

On the recurrence of some random
walks in random environment

Nina Gantert, Michael Kochler & Françoise Pène
pages: 483–502

Central Limit Theorem for the self-repelling
random walk with directed edges
Thomas Mountford, Leandro P. R. Pimentel & Glauco Valle
pages: 503–517

Hausdorff dimension of the level sets of some
stochastic PDEs from fluid dynamics

Lorenzo Baglioni & Marco Romito
pages: 519–539

Clustering and coexistence in the
one-dimensional vectorial Deffuant model

N. Lanchier & S. Scarlatos
pages: 541–564

Monotonicity in first-passage percolation
Jean-Baptiste Gouéré
pages: 565–569

Stein’s Method and the Laplace Distribution
John Pike & Haining Ren
pages: 571–587

A Mean-field forest-fire model
Xavier Bressaud & Nicolas Fournier
pages: 589–614

Comparing dealing methods with repeating cards
Márton Balázs & Dávid Zoltán Szabó
pages: 615–630

The limit distribution of ratios of jumps and
sums of jumps of subordinators

Péter Kevei & David M. Mason
pages: 631–642

Large deviations of the empirical current for the boundary
driven Kawasaki process with long range interaction

Mustapha Mourragui
pages: 643–678

A variational formula for the Lyapunov exponent of Brownian
motion in stationary ergodic potential

Johannes Rueß
pages: 679-709

On exponential functionals, harmonic potential measures
and undershoots of subordinators

Larbi Alili, Wissem Jedidi & Víctor Rivero
pages: 711-735

Uniform spanning trees on Sierpiński graphs
Masato Shinoda, Elmar Teufl & Stephan Wagner
pages: 737-780

Convergence of clock processes on infinite graphs
and aging in Bouchaud’s asymmetric trap model Zd

Véronique Gayrard & Adéla Švejda
pages: 781-822

On the survival probability of a random walk in
random environment with killing

Stefan Junk
pages: 823-844

The contact process with aging
Aurelia Deshayes
pages: 845-883

Uniform Hausdorff measure of the level
sets of the Brownian tree

Xan Duhalde
pages: 885-916