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Volume II

The finite system scheme for state-dependent interacting
multitype branching systems

Peter Pfaffelhuber

Some random times and martingales associated
with BES0(δ) processes (0<δ<2)

Ashkan Nikeghbali

Weyl Chambers, Symmetric Spaces and Number Variance Saturation
Liza Jones & Neil O'Connell

First passage of reflected strictly stable processes
Andreas. E. Kyprianou

On the scaling limit of simple random walk excursion
measure in the plane

Michael J. Kozdron

Zero-one laws for binary random fields
David Coupier, Paul Doukhan & Bernard Ycart

Invariance principles for standard-normalized and
self-normalized random fields

Mohamed El Machkouri & Lahcen Ouchti

Fluctuations of the longest common subsequence
in the asymmetric case of 2- and 3-letter alphabets

Federico Bonetto & Heinrich Matzinger

Strong disorder implies strong localization for directed
polymers in a random environment

Philippe Carmona &Yueyun Hu

Confidence bands for densities, logarithmic point of view
Abdelkader Mokkadem & Mariane Pelletier

Majorizing multiplicative cascades for directed
polymers in random media

Francis Comets & Vincent Vargas

On the Speed of the One-dimensional Excited Random
Walk in the Transient Regime
Thomas Mountford, Leandro P. R. Pimentel & Glauco Valle

Construction of a specification from its singleton part
Roberto Fernández & Grégory Maillard