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Volume III

Deviation from mean in sequence comparison
with a periodic sequence

Heinrich Matzinger, Jüri Lember & Clement Durringer

On Stein's method and perturbations
Andrew D. Barbour, Vydas Čekanavičius & Aihua Xia

Subclasses of Goldie-Steutel-Bondesson class of
infinitely divisible distributions on Rd by Υ-mapping

Makoto Maejima

Transformations of infinitely divisible distributions
via improper stochastic integrals

Ken-iti Sato

A fixed point approach to model random fields
Paul Doukhan & Lionel Truquet

Component sizes of the random graph outside the scaling window
Asaf Nachmias & Yuval Peres

Hurst exponent estimation of Fractional Lévy Motion
Céline Lacaux & Jean-Michel Loubes

The lower tail problem for homogeneous functionals of
stable processes with no negative jumps

Thomas Simon

Asymptotic behavior of random determinants in
the Laguerre, Gram and Jacobi ensembles

Alain Rouault

Hitting probabilities for systems of non-linear
stochastic heat equations with additive noise

Robert C. Dalang, Davar Khoshnevisan & Eulalia Nualart

Shape and local growth for multidimensional
branching random walks in random environment

Francis Comets & Serguei Popov

On the critical behavior at the lower phase transition
of the contact process

Michael Aizenman & Paul Jung

On the precision of the spectral profile
Gady Kozma