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ISSN 1980-0436


Volume XV

Concentration results for directed polymer
with unbounded jumps

Shuta Nakajima
pages 1-20

On scaling limits of multitype Galton-Watson
trees with possibly infinite variance

Gabriel Hernán Berzunza Ojeda
pages 21-48

On some integral estimates for solutions
of stochastic equations driven by
symmetric stable processes

Vladimir P. Kurenok
pages 49-66

Conditioned limit theorems for products
of positive random matrices

Thi Da Cam Pham
pages 67-100

A technical report on hitting times,
mixing and cutoff

Jonathan Hermon
pages 101-120

Infinite and Giant Components
in the Layers Percolation Model

Jonathan Hermon
pages 121-149

Concentration inequalities for measures
of a Boolean model

Fabian Gieringer & Günter Last
pages 151- 166

Number of particles absorbed in a BBM
on the extinction event

Pierre-Antoine Corre
pages 167-199

On Relaxed Stochastic Optimal Control for
Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by
G-Brownian Motion

Amel Redjil & Salah Eddine Choutri
pages 201-212

Trapping planar Brownian motion
in a non circular trap

Jeffrey Schenker
pages 213-231

Uniformity of hitting times of the contact process
Markus Heydenreich, Christian Hirsch & Daniel Valesin
pages 233-245

Large Deviations for a matching problem
related to the ∞-Wasserstein distance

José Trashorras
pages 247-278

Does Eulerian percolation on ℤ2 percolate?
Olivier Garet, Régine Marchand & Irène Marcovici
pages 279-294

The hierarchical Cannings process
in random environment

Andreas Greven, Frank den Hollander & Anton Klimovsky
pages 295-351

Large time unimodality for classical and free
Brownian motions with initial distributions

Takahiro Hasebe & Yuki Ueda
pages 353-374

Balanced multicolour Pólya urns via
smoothing systems analysis

Cécile Mailler
pages 375-408

Almost sure growth of supercritical multi-type
continuous-state branching process

Andreas E. Kyprianou, Sandra Palau & Yan-Xia Ren
pages 409-428

Quasi-stationarity and quasi-ergodicity for
discrete-time Markov chains with absorbing
boundaries moving periodically

William Oçafrain
pages 429-451

Sample path properties of reflected
Gaussian processes

Kamil Marcin Kosiński & Peng Liu
pages 453-478

Path stability of stochastic di erential equations
driven by time-changed Lévy noises

Erkan Nane & Yinan Ni
pages 479-507

Fluctuation exponents for stationary exactly
solvable lattice polymer models via a Mellin
transform framework

Hans Chaumont & Christian Noack
pages 509-547

Swap-invariant sequences and random measures
Felix Nagel
pages 549- 569

The contact process as seen from a random walk
Stein Andreas Bethuelsen
pages 571-585

Space-time large deviations in
capacity-constrained relay networks

Christian Hirsch, Benedikt Jahnel & Robert Patterson
pages 587-615

Invited paper
Stable Lévy processes, self-similarity
and the unit ball

Andreas E. Kyprianou
pages 617-690

Central Limit Theorem for one and two
dimensional Self-Repelling Diffusions

Carl-Erik Gauthier
pages 691-702

Distributional Itô’s Formula and Regularization
of Generalized Wiener Functionals

Takafumi Amaba & Yoshihiro Ryu
pages 703-753


Fascículo 2

The Hilbert-Galton board
Arvind Ayyer & Sanjay Ramassamy
pages 755-774

Almost sure approximations in Hölder
norms of a general stochastic process
defined by a Young integral

Antoine Ayache, Céline Esser & Qidi Peng
pages 775-810

Recurrence of the frog model
on the 3,2-alternating tree

Josh Rosenberg
pages 811-836

First Passage Time Densities
through Hölder curves

Jimyeong Lee
pages 837-849

A Conformally Invariant Growth Process
of SLE Excursions

Gábor Pete & Hao Wu
pages 851-874

Invited Paper
In-sample forecasting:
A brief review and new algorithms

Y. K. Lee, E. Mammen, J. P. Nielsen & B. U. Park
pages 875-895

Spectral asymptotic expansion of Wishart
matrices with exploding moments

Nathan Noiry
pages 897-911

Critical random forests
James B. Martin & Dominic Yeo
pages 913-960

Boolean convolutions and regular variation
Sukrit Chakraborty & Rajat Subhra Hazra
pages 961-991

DNA melting structures in the generalized
Poland-Scheraga model

Quentin Berger, Giambattista Giacomin & Maha Khatib
pages 993-1025

Conditional decoupling of random interlacements
Caio Alves & Serguei Popov
pages 1027-1063

Genealogy of the extremal process
of the branching random walk

Bastien Mallein
pages 1065-1087

On scaling limits of planar maps
with stable face-degrees

Cyril Marzouk
pages 1089-1122

Localization of a Gaussian membrane model
with weak pinning potentials

Hironobu Sakagawa
pages 1123-1140

Stein normal approximation for
multidimensional Poisson random
measures by third cumulant expansions

Nicolas Privault
pages 1141-1161

Central Limit Theorem for stationary
Fleming–Viot particle systems in finite spaces

Tony Lelièvre, Loucas Pillaud-Vivien & Julien Reygner
pages 1163-1182

Local Skorokhod topology
on the space of cadlag processes

Mihai Gradinaru and Tristan Haugomat
pages 1183-1213

Prediction of weakly locally stationary
processes by auto-regression

Françcois Roueff & Andrés Sánchez-Pérez
pages 1215-1239

Characterization of non-commutative
free Gaussian variables

Arup Bose, Apratim Dey & Wiktor Ejsmont
pages 1241-1255

On the exponential functional of Markov Additive
Processes, and applications to multi-type self-similar
fragmentation processes and trees

Robin Stephenson
pages 1257-1292

Reversal property of the Brownian tree
Romain Abraham & Jean-Françcois Delmas
pages 1293-1309

Transition to Shocks in TASEP
and Decoupling of Last Passage Times

Peter Nejjar
pages 1311-1334

Transition density estimates for diagonal systems
of SDEs driven by cylindrical α-stable processes

Tadeusz Kulczycki & Michał Ryznar
pages 1335-1375

Diffusion processes on branching Brownian motion
Sebastian Andres & Lisa Hartung
pages 1377-1400

Generalized operator-scaling random ball model
Hermine Biermé, Olivier Durieu and Yizao Wang
pages 1401-1429

The connected component of
the partial duplication graph

Jonathan Jordan
pages 1431-1445

Correlated Coalescing Brownian Flows
on ℝ and the Circle

Mine Çağlar, Hatem Hajri & Abdullah Harun Karakuş
pages 1447-1464