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ISSN 1980-0436


Volume VI

Fluctuation bounds for the asymmetric simple
exclusion process

Márton Balázs & Timo Seppäläinen
pages 1--24

A modified lookdown construction for the
Xi-Fleming-Viot process with mutation and
populations with recurrent bottlenecks
Matthias Birkner, Jochen Blath, Martin Möhle,
Matthias Steinrücken & Johanna Tams

pages 25--61

Revisiting Révész's stochastic approximation
method for the estimation of a regression function

Abdelkader Mokkadem, Mariane Pelletier & Yousri Slaoui
pages 63--114

Laws of large numbers for the occupation time of an
age-dependent critical binary branching system
José Alfredo López-Mimbela & Antonio Murillo-Salas
pages 115--131

Zonoids induced by Gauss measure with an
application to risk aversion

Christer Borell
pages 133--147

Some excursion calculations for reflected Lévy processes
Erik Baurdoux
pages 149--162

Finite size scaling for homogeneous pinning models
Julien Sohier
pages 163--177

Representation and properties of a class of
conditionally Gaussian processes

Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen & Jan Pedersen
pages 179--197

On characterizations of Metropolis type
algorithms in continuous time

Persi Diaconis & Laurent Miclo
pages 199--238

Kingman's coalescent and Brownian motion
Julien Berestycki & Nathanaël Berestycki
pages 239--259

On the genealogy of conditioned stable Lévy forests
Loic Chaumont & Juan Carlos Pardo
pages 261--279

Large deviation principle for self-intersection local times
for random walk in ℤd with d ≥ 5.

Amine Asselah
pages 281--322

Visibility to infinity in the hyperbolic plane, despite obstacles
Itai Benjamini, Johan Jonasson, Oded Schramm & Johan Tykesson
pages 323--342

Erratum to: "The Stochastic Heat Equation with
Fractional-Colored Noise: Existence of the Solution"

Raluca M. Balan & Ciprian A. Tudor
pages 343--347

On the annealed large deviation rate function for a
multi-dimensional random walk in random environment

Jonathon Peterson & Ofer Zeitouni
pages 349--368

On the largest-eigenvalue process for generalized
Wishart random matrices

A. B. Dieker & J. Warren
pages 369--376

Berry-Esseen bounds for econometric time series
Siegfried Hörmann
pages 377--397

Forest fires on ℤ+ with ignition only at 0
Stanislav Volkov
pages 399--414

Univariate approximations in the
infinite occupancy scheme

A. D. Barbour
pages 415--433