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ISSN 1980-0436


Volume IV

Nonlinear SDEs driven by Lévy processes and related PDEs
Benjamin Jourdain, Sylvie Méléard, Wojbor A. Woyczynski

q-invariant functions for some generalizations of the
Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup

Pierre Patie

Limit theorems for an epidemic model on the complete graph
Thomas G. Kurtz, Elcio Lebensztayn,
Alexandre R. Leichsenring & Fábio P. Machado

The Stochastic Heat Equation with Fractional-Colored Noise:
Existence of the Solution

Raluca M. Balan & Ciprian A. Tudor

Random walk in deterministically changing environment
Dmitry Dolgopyat & Carlangelo Liverani

Convergence rates in weighted L1 spaces
of kernel density estimators for linear processes

Anton Schick & Wolfgang Wefelmeyer

General Υ-transformations
Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Jan Rosinski & Steen Thorbjørnsen

Fluctuations for a conservative interface model on a wall
Lorenzo Zambotti

Convergence to the viscous porous medium equation
and propagation of chaos

Alessio Figalli & Robert Philipowski

On the spectral gap of the Kac walk
and other binary collision processes

Pietro Caputo

Poisson approximation for search of
rare words in DNA sequences

Nicolas Vergne & Miguel Abadi

On fractional Brownian motion limits in one dimensional
nearest-neighbor symmetric simple exclusion

Magda Peligrad & Sunder Sethuraman

Multivariate normal approximation
using exchangeable pairs

Sourav Chatterjee & Elizabeth Meckes

An anticipating Itô formula for Lévy processes
Elisa Alós, Jorge A. León & Josep Vives

Space-time current process for independent
random walks in one dimension

Rohini Kumar

The critical contact process in a randomly
evolving environment dies out

Jeffrey E. Steif & Marcus Warfheimer

Refined estimates for some basic random walks on
the symmetric and alternating groups

L. Saloff-Coste & J. Zúñiga

Limit theorems for multiple stochastic integrals
Giovanni Peccati & Murad S. Taqqu