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ISSN 1980-0436


Volume XIX

Quantization and martingale couplings
Benjamin Jourdain & Gilles Pagès
pages 1-22

The β-Delaunay tessellation III: Kendall’s problem and
limit theorems in high dimensions

Anna Gusakova & Zakhar Kabluchko & Christoph Thäle
pages 23-50

Bound on the running maximum of a random walk with
small drift

Ofer Busani & Timo Seppäläinen
pages 51-68

The expected degree distribution in transient duplication
divergence models

Andrew D. Barbour & Tiffany Y. Y. Lo
pages 69-107

The Spectra of Principal Submatrices in Rotationally
Invariant Hermitian Random Matrices and the Markov–
Krein Correspondence

Katsunori Fujie & Takahiro Hasebe
pages 109-123

Absorption time and absorption probabilities for a family
of multidimensional gambler models

Paweł Lorek & Piotr Markowski
pages 125-150

On monotonicity and couplings of random currents and
the loop-O(1)-model

Frederik Ravn Klausen
pages 151-161

Spine decomposition and L log L criterion for superpro-
cesses with non-local branching mechanisms

Yan-Xia Ren & Renming Song & Ting Yang
pages 163–208

Comparing the inversion statistic for distribution-biased
and distribution-shifted permutations with the geometric
and the GEM distributions

Ross G. Pinsky
pages 209–229

Critical window for the vacant set left by random walk on
the configuration model

Jiří Černý & Thomas Hayder
pages 231–257

Growing random graphs with a preferential attachment

Delphin Sénizergues
pages 259–309

Extinction probabilities in branching processes with count-
ably many types: a general framework

Daniela Bertacchi & Peter Braunsteins & Sophie Hautphenne & Fabio Zucca
pages 311–338

Second Order Expansions for Sample Median with Ran-
dom Sample Size

Gerd Christoph & Vladimir V. Ulyanov & Vladimir E. Bening
pages 339–365

Some toy models of self-organized criticality in percolation
Raphaël Cerf & Nicolas Forien
pages 367–416

Probability of consensus in spatial opinion models with
confidence threshold

Mela Hardin & Nicolas Lanchier
pages 417–437

Large Deviation Principle for the Greedy
Exploration Algorithm over Erdös-Rényi Graphs

Paola Bermolen & Valeria Goicoechea & Matthieu Jonckheere & Ernesto Mordecki
pages 439–456

Diffusive bounds for the critical density of activated ran-
dom walks

Amine Asselah & Leonardo T. Rolla & Bruno Schapira
pages 457–465