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ISSN 1980-0436


Volume XX

Balls-in-bins models
with asymmetric feedback and reflection

Mikhail Menshikov & Vadim Shcherbakov
pages 1-19

Monotonicity result for the simple exclusion process on
finite connected graphs

Shiba Biswal & Nicolas Lanchier
pages 21–32

Recurrence and transience of Rademacher series
Satyaki Bhattacharya & Stanislav Volkov
pages 33–51

Asymptotic Gaussianity via coalescence probabilities in
the Hammond-Sheffield urn

Jan Lukas Igelbrink & Anton Wakolbinger
pages 53–74

XX^T matrices with independent entries
Arup Bose & Priyanka Sen
pages 75–125

An asymptotic approach to proving sufficiency of Stein

Ehsan Azmoodeh & Dario Gasbarra & Robert E. Gaunt
pages 127–152

Optimizing stakes in simultaneous bets
Robbert Fokkink & Ludolf Meester & Christos Pelekis
pages 153–165

Normal approximation via non-linear exchangeable pairs
Christian Döbler
pages 167–224

A characterization of progressively equivalent probability
measures preserving the structure of a compound mixed
renewal process

Spyridon M. Tzaninis & Nikolaos D. Macheras
pages 225–247

Sojourn times of Gaussian and related random fields
Krzysztof Dȩbicki & Enkelejd Hashorva & Peng Liu & Zbigniew Michna
pages 249–289

Stochastic processes associated to multidimensional para-
bolic transmission problems in divergence form

Pierre Etoré & Miguel Martinez
pages 291–311

A stochastic adaptive dynamics model for bacterial popu-
lations with mutation, dormancy and transfer

Jochen Blath & Tobias Paul & András Tóbiás
pages 313–357

Large Deviations for the SSEP with
slow boundary: the non-critical case

Tertuliano Franco & Patrícia Gonçalves & Adriana Neumann
pages 359–394

Joint convergence of sample cross-covariance matrices
Monika Bhattacharjee & Arup Bose & Apratim Dey
pages 395–423

Study of a fractional stochastic heat equation
Nicolas Schaeffer
pages 425–461

Stochastic wave equation with Lévy white noise
Raluca Balan
pages 463–496

On the mean projection theorem for
determinantal point processes

Adrien Kassel & Thierry Lévy
pages 497–504

On the spectrum and ergodicity of a neutral multi-allelic
Moran model

Josué Corujo
pages 505–546

Estimation of the last passage percolation constant in a
charged complete directed acyclic graph via perfect simu-

Sergey Foss & Takis Konstantopoulos & Bastien Mallein & Sanjay Ramassamy
pages 547–560

On the existence of maximum likelihood estimates for the
parameters of the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution

Stefan Bedbur & Udo Kamps & Anton Imm
pages 561–575

Transportation of diffuse random measures on Rd
Günter Last & Hermann Thorisson
pages 577–592

Exponential ergodicity for stochastic equations of nonneg-
ative processes with jumps

Martin Friesen & Peng Jin & Jonas Kremer & Barbara Rüdiger
pages 593–627

Existence of quasi-stationary distributions for spectrally
positive Lévy processes on the half-line

Kosuke Yamato
pages 629–643

Generalized scale functions for spectrally negative Lévy

Jesús Contreras & Víctor Rivero
pages 645–663

Two-sided immigration, emigration and symmetry prop-
erties of self-similar interval partition evolutions

Quan Shi & Matthias Winkel
pages 665–696

On the support of a hypoelliptic diffusion on the Heisen-
berg group

Marco Carfagnini
pages 697–711

A generalized Kubilius-Barban-Vinogradov bound for prime

Louis H.Y. Chen & Arturo Jaramillo & Xiaochuan Yang
pages 713–730

Particle configurations for branching Brownian motion
with an inhomogeneous branching rate

Jiaqi Liu & Jason Schweinsberg
pages 731–803

Asymptotic formula for the conjunction probability of smooth
stationary Gaussian fields

Viet-Hung Pham
pages 805–824

Quantitative Multidimensional Central Limit Theorems
for Means of the Dirichlet-Ferguson Measure

Giovanni Luca Torrisi
pages 825–860

Stability of weak disorder phase for directed polymer with
applications to limit theorems

Stefan Junk
pages 861–883

Conductance of a subdiffusive random weighted tree
Pierre Rousselin
pages 885–903


Fascículo 2

Branching Brownian motion conditioned on small max-

Xinxin Chen & Hui He & Bastien Mallein
pages 905–940

On freely quasi-infinitely divisible distributions
Ikkei Hotta & Wojciech Młotkowski & Noriyoshi Sakuma & Yuki Ueda
pages 941–971

Random walks with drift inside a pyramid: convergence rate for
the survival probability

Rodolphe Garbit & Kilian Raschel
pages 973–988

Strict comparison for the Lyapunov exponents of the sim-
ple random walk in random potentials

Naoki Kubota
pages 989–1015

Sojourns of Stationary Gaussian Processes over a Random

Krzysztof Dȩbicki & Xiaofan Peng
pages 1017–1039

An evolution model with uncountably many alleles
Daniela Bertacchi & Jüri Lember & Fabio Zucca
pages 1041–1075

Characterizations of multivariate distributions with lim-
ited memory revisited: An analytical approach

Natalia Shenkman
pages 1077–1089

A note on 3d-monochromatic random waves and cancella-

Federico Dalmao
pages 1091–1109

On SDEs for Bessel Processes in low dimension and path-
dependent extensions

Alberto Ohashi & Francesco Russo & Alan Teixeira
pages 1111–1138

Noise sensitivity of random walks on groups
Itaï Benjamini & Jérémie Brieussel
pages 1139–1164

Seed bank Cannings graphs: How dormancy smoothes
random genetic drift

Adrián González Casanova & Lizbeth Peñaloza & Arno Siri-Jégousse
pages 1165–1186

An aggregated model for Karlin stable processes
Yi Shen & Yizao Wang & Na Zhang
pages 1187–1210

Ordered exponential random walks
Denis Denisov & Will FitzGerald
pages 1211–1246

Joint functional convergence of partial sums and maxima
for moving averages with weakly dependent heavy-tailed
innovations and random coefficients

Danijel Krizmanić
pages 1247–1270

On the comparison between jump processes and subordi-
nated diffusions

Guanhua Liu & Mathav Murugan
pages 1271–1281

Concentration inequalities for some negatively dependent
binary random variables

Radosław Adamczak & Bartłomiej Polaczyk
pages 1283–1314

Upper Bounds for the Largest Component in Critical
Inhomogeneous Random Graphs

Umberto De Ambroggio & Angelica Pachon
pages 1315–1358

Planar Brownian motion winds evenly along its trajectory
Isao Sauzedde
pages 1359–1366

On Properties of Random Binary Contingency Tables with
Non-Uniform Margin

Da Wu
pages 1367–1383

Scaling limit of the collision measures of multiple random

Dinh-Toan Nguyen
pages 1385–1410

Conditional central limit theorem for subcritical branching
random walk

Wenming Hong & Dan Yao
pages 1411–1432

A functional limit theorem for lattice oscillating random

Tran Duy Vo & Marc Peigné
pages 1433–1457

Mean-field limits for non-linear Hawkes processes with
inhibition on a Erdős-Rényi-graph

Jakob Stiefel
pages 1459–1481

Gaussian fluctuation for spatial average of the stochastic
pseudo-partial differential equation with fractional noise

Junfeng Liu & Guangjun Shen
pages 1483–1509

U-statistics of local sample moments under weak depen-

Herold Dehling & Davide Giraudo & Sara K. Schmidt
pages 1511–1535

Malliavin differentiability of solutions of hyperbolic sto-
chastic partial differential equations with irregular drifts

Antoine-Marie Bogso & Olivier Menoukeu Pamen
pages 1537–1564

Fractal properties of the frontier in Poissonian coloring
Anne-Laure Basdevant & Guillaume Blanc & Nicolas Curien & Arvind Singh
pages 1565–1586

Uniformly and strongly consistent estimation for the ran-
dom Hurst function of a multifractional process

Antoine Ayache & Florent Bouly
pages 1587–1614

Quantitative bounds for large deviations of heavy tailed
random variables

Quirin Vogel
pages 1615–1629

The secretary problem with non-uniform arrivals via a left-
to-right minimum exponentially tilted distribution

Ross G. Pinsky
pages 1631–1642